Through my blog I aim to compile a portfolio of work which speaks true to who I am as an aspiring Radio Journalist/Producer. My work displays my personal philosophies about the way in which I feel journalism should be approached and conducted. I also aim to step out of my comfort zone and reach out into the greater community in order to produce cutting edge journalism which provides a voice to marginalised groups and serves as a link between institutions and organisations and members within that community.


The purpose of this blog is to act as a medium whereby I am able to, as a student Journalist at Rhodes Univerity in Grahamstown South Africa, present my work to possible audiences as well as prospective employers. This blog is personal and reflects the kind of work I aspire to create and have created within the realms of my own philosophy. The tabs serve as a navigation tool to viewing the material I have included for your exploration - some of the work takes the form of academic essays, my personal philosophy as well as my audio production (sound packages and cues).